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Tribe Prayer Circles

Panther Lodge Virtual Sacred Circle

As a Member of the Panther Lodge Bear Tribe Medicine Society you are invited to attend scheduled

Sacred Pipe Ceremony or Sacred Teachings with Wind Daughter in a Virtual Circle.

Join the Tribe today!


Join a Prayer Circle

in your home area


Or start a circle to join together with ours,

or simply join us in a a Virtual Circle.

No fee to join.

Send an email to request more information

You can be connected to a Circle,

if in your home area.

Be sure to Join our Email Newsletter Group too!

-  Wind Daughter


New York

Moose in forest.jpg
path in woods.jpg
Misty Mountains.jpg
South Carolina
Rock & Ocean.jpg
North Carolina
Sun thru Evergreens.jpg
Ontario Canada
Sun Light thru Trees.jpg
sunset on lake.jpg
Palm Tree at Ocean.jpg
Boardwalk to Lake.jpg
Lavender Path.jpg
Coming soon!
Mountain & Lake.jpg
Coming soon!
Flowers & Mountains.jpg
Virtual Circle
row of teepees.jpg

Send an email to request more information

about a Circle in your area.

     Be sure to Join our Email List!

-  Wind

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