Panther Bear Medicines
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Panther Lodge Bear Tribe

Medicine Society

Wind Daughter founded West Winds in February of 1992. She is keeper of the Sacred Beta Star Bundle and the caretaker of the Black Lodge. Since the summer of 1995 she is the ceremonial Chief of the Bear Tribe Medicine Society and Panther Lodge Medicine Society. . In 2019 the tribes were united together as the Panther Bear Tribe Medicine Society.

Panther Wind Woman  (Wind Daughter)

Since beginning her journey with her gift of song many years ago, Wind Daughter has built a program of experiential workshops and retreats to facilitate others in renewing their relationship with Mother Earth, and to reach within themselves to sustain their spirits. As a trained Ceremonialist, Wind Daughter works with regional circles and groups, as well as national events, to assist others in the path of healing. Wind Daughter facilitates an entire range of women's teachings, as practiced in the West Winds Women's Gatherings and workshops.

Wind Daughter offers vision quests, rites of passage ceremonies, house cleansing, and women’s gatherings, as well as personal counseling.

Panther - Symbol of Courage

The Panther has long been a symbol of courage, strength, and mystery.  Myths and legends of panthers of all kinds are to be found from ancient Egypt to Greece, from Africa into medieval Europe and Asia, and throughout North and South America.  These stories have informed, frightened, and entertained people for millenia.  In the physical world, the black panther is a rare color variant of the jaguar.  Its rarity adds to the mystique of this secretive spirit. 

In the metaphysical world, the Black Panther is associated with the moon, and with the inner dimensions of our spirits.